How to create an order

To create an order you must first have a customer account. You can create one for free by going to customer login (Upper right hand corner) and clicking on create account.

To create an order first hover over create order and click on custom order in the upper left hand corner of the site.

***MyDigii does not store files from its users on MyDigii servers.***

MyDigii Keeps a basic NDA file on hand for you, if this suffices please use our NDA here.

If you require the 3D printer member to sign a NDA file(Non-Disclosure Agreement) fill in the NDA url with the proper link here. If you do not require a NDA to be signed leave this section blank.

***Members cannot see your 3D printer file if you have an NDA specified, only once it is signed can they see it.***

***Please note that the NDA link is a URL, you need to host your NDA on the net or cloud like***

Next enter your 3D printer file link into the following box.

***Note that this file too must be stored somewhere online***

Next enter how many of these items you want printed out by entering in the amount here.

Next if you can select the estimated size of the shipping box you will require for your item. If you do not know leave it blank.

Finally click submit your order when finished.

***MYDIGII LLC hereby agree's to a Non-Disclosure with you the client for your work.***